Mackay Place, Cypress


Warmington Residential - a tale of Local Success

The City of Cypress is one Orange County city that has adopted a requirement for a “city-wide” vote to approve major development projects. In 2013, Warmington Residential brought in Lewis Consulting Group to help lay the groundwork for approval of their 47 home site in the City of Cypress. Despite the fact that the proposed housing site was a crime infested school, which had been closed for 33 years, there was plenty of local opposition to the development. In 2012, voters in Cypress had overwhelmingly voted down another proposed development. Lewis Consulting Group brought in a talented public outreach professional to work with neighbors; conducted extensive polling to determine winning agreements; and finally oversaw all aspects of the campaign, which ended with the Warmington Residential project being comfortably approved by the voters of Cypress.




East Orange County Water District-

The Great Orange County Sewer War

When the Orange County Sanitation District decided to divest itself of the Greater North Tustin sewer system, two Orange County Water Districts - the large Irvine Ranch Water District and the small East Orange County Water District - competed for the right to assume their operations. The wealthy IRWD counted on its usual political team of Curt Pringle Public Affairs and pollster Adam Probolsky. East Orange County Water District General Manager, Lisa Ohlund, asked Lewis Consulting Group to enter into the fray to level the playing field. 

The sewer matter was to be ultimately settled at LAFCO, the powerful Commission that reviews and decides such matters. Winning at LAFCO was a daunting challenge considering that one LAFCO Commissioner was also a Director at IRWD and another LAFCO Commissioner was a former IRWD contractor as well. 

Lewis Consulting Group, working collaboratively with well organized local volunteers and the public relations firm, The Communications Lab,to develop the advocacy strategy which ultimately lead to East Orange County Water District selection by LAFCO to service the sewer district. Sometimes David does defeat Goliath!





Blue Shield of California

In 2007, the County of Orange issued an RFP for Third Party Administrator Services for the County employee's PPO health plan. Blue Shield of California turned to Lewis Consulting Group for assistance in navigating the complex world of County government. With many of the nation's top healthcare providers responding, Blue Shield was facing strong competition.

Lewis Consulting Group was able to capitalize on past experience with the process of this type of service and utilize their knowledge to strengthen Blue Shield's proposal. Through numerous facilitated face to face meetings with County leaders and staff, Blue Shield was able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and built a product that is second to none for the healthcare of county employees.