Lewis Consulting Group offers an extensive range of public affairs services to our clients, including:

Governmental affairs, advocacy and lobbying

The years of political and governmental experience that the LCG brings to the table, along with its extensive lists of contacts, friendships and strategic relationships, provides LCG clients with an advantage that separates them from the field. Lewis Consulting Group provides unparalleled value to their clients in Orange County cities, the County Hall of Administration or those wanting to know the political ins and outs in both the State and Nation's Capitol.

Political Consulting

No Orange County firm can compete with the track record established by the Lewis Consulting Group. Senator Lewis has been directing successful campaigns since 1978. LCG recognizes that every election is unique. LCG provides both the blueprint for a successful campaign and supplies the mechanism for fulfilling a successful campaign strategy.


In 1978 a much younger John Lewis was the first Republican strategist to recognize the impact Proposition 13 could have on legislative races. The question he framed in a political survey paved the way for huge Republican gains that year. For decades John collaborated with many of the nation's finest pollsters until he began providing polling services for the exclusive benefit of his existing clients.

In 2008 Lewis Consulting began providing polling as a stand alone service.

Team Building

LCG has a network of the very best professionals in such fields as media relations, legal representation, grass roots organization, graphic design, social media, telephone advocacy, and all facets of advertising. This vast network of highly-regarded experts allows mobilization for a project with urgent need.