John Lewis

LCG President John Lewis served as a member of the California State Assembly for eleven years. In 1991 he was elected to the State Senate, where he served until his retirement in 2000. During his tenure in the Legislature, Lewis tackled significant issues dealing with insurance, regulatory overkill and criminal justice matters. He was elected by his colleagues to serve as Vice Chairman of the powerful Senate Rules Committee. Senator Lewis served as a key Republican campaign strategist. Perhaps no Orange Countian has had a greater influence on Orange County's recent political landscape than John Lewis.

Matt Holder

LCG Executive Vice President Matt Holder is a veteran in California legislative, political and public affairs and is an expert at developing and implementing political campaigns. His expertise lies in managing campaigns and coordinating Getting-Out-The-Vote efforts. Matt is recognized as Orange County's preeminent expert in developing and implementing absentee ballot campaigns. His extensive experience and track record of winning campaigns has been recognized and tapped by state and national organizations.

"I have the greatest respect for John Lewis and Matt Holder. They are a talented and effective duo."
Bill Campbell
Orange County Supervisor
"John Lewis and Matt Holder had both the vision and expertise to direct my successful campaign efforts. They are great friends and trusted advisors."
Chris Norby
Orange Country Supervisor
"In 1982 John Lewis engineered my initial candidacy for public office. He remains my most trusted Orange County political advisor."
Ed Royce
U.S. Congressman